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Ehsan Ghafoori Roozbahany

Creepy Christmas competition is organized every year by KTH Road2Science and a Christmas tree is made using bituminous material. This year also, an asphalt mixture is made using 15% of the total mixture weight Nynas bitumen (penetration grade 50/70) and 85% aggregates with a size distribution of 0-8 mm. In this competition, you have to predict the final height of the asphalt casted tree after 3 weeks (from 17th of Nov. until 6th of Dec.) of creep. Your predictions can be based on either

  • Using some deformation or creep models based on materials properties.
  • Any other method or mathematical model.
  • Wild Guess 

But you have to tell us the details on how you came up with these numbers. The prize for the most accurate prediction is an iPad.


Rules and Requirements

  • Everyone can participate in the competition but physical presence in the Award Ceremony on Road2Science Day (Dec 6th) is mandatory.  In case, the winner is not present during the Ceremony, the Award will be given to the next best answer.
  • In case of same answer, the committee will judge your answers in details by examining your ideas deeply that how you came up with this result and may decide about the winner.
  • You can only participate once.
  • Fill in the online participation form before the end of December 4, 2016 on

Please use following links to fill online form to participate in the competition before the end of December 4;

and here is the Link to live stream


Materials and Geometry Specifications


Table . Properties of base bitumen


Bitumen Grade

Penetration (mm/10)

Softening point (°C)

Dyn. Viscosity [Pa.s] @ 60°C

Kin. Viscosity [mm2/s] @ 135°C

Fraass breaking point [oC]
















Granite 0-8 mm size

Mold shape is like Circular Cone

Mold Height = 26 cm

Mold Diameter Ф = 23 cm