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CO-OP Scholarship Program

The CO-OP Scholarship Program is organized under the auspices of Road2Science and is based on developing a cooperative between partners from industry, academia and the public sector to address challenges in transportation infrastructure. The CO-OPs are proposed by the Road2Science partners and are based on an equal contribution of resources between participating partners. A CO-OP can be a feasibility study for a larger implementation project, a meta-analysis to combine existing tools/datasets/models/… aiming at identifying missing interfaces or an opportunity-mapping project for the applicability of new advances in practice. The CO-OPs take 6 months, are led by the CO-OP scholars and are facilitated by Road2Science. The scholars can come from industry, public sector and academia and each CO-OP can consist of 1-3 scholars. The CO-OP partners commit to host and support the scholar(s) for the duration of the scholarship.

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