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INFRASweden2030 was selected in April 2015 as a Strategic Innovation Programme (SIP) for a joint funding by Vinnova (The Swedish government agency for innovation), Energimyndigheten (The Swedish Enerygy Agency) and Formas (The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning). The funding approved is until 2018 but it may be extended up to a maxium of 12 years, depending on the progress and outcome of the programme.

Road2Science has played a central role in preparing the application for INFRASweden2030. The members of Road2Science will continue being deeply involved in all aspects of the programme which KTH will coordinate.

Short Summary

Integrated and sustainable transportation infrastructure solutions are one of the largest challenges in today┬┤s modern and complex societies. A long-term strategy needs to be developed on how the stakeholders together can select, design, deliver, manage and maintain new infrastructure and make more of the infrastructure already in place. The Swedish transportation infrastructure industry needs to establish a systematic innovation environment that continuously enables it to generate and harvest new ideas and innovative concepts in order to succeed in the global competitive market.

INFRASweden2030 is an ambitious SIP for contributing to the future of transportation infrastructure. It weaves together the latest technologies from material science, vehicle technology and information and communication technology with highway and railway engineering, standardization, business and gaming simulations to provide a unique bottom-up approach to innovation. The basic principles of the programme are based on the GIMI Agenda from 2012.

All the key infrastructure industry players, problem owners, institutes and universities in Sweden are participating in INFRASweden2030, thus making it a unique and strong SIP. Even international stakeholders are involved.

INFRASweden2030 aims at doubling the sustainability of the Swedish transportation infrastructure and make Sweden world-leading in infrastructure innovative solutions. When operational, it will serve as an example environment on how an open, creative and dynamic environment can be created that attracts new business, breaches from innovation to market implementation in a short time, and breaks through silos that are not conductive to the innovation and sustainable progress.

Read the joint press release by VINNOVA, Energimyndigheten och Formas 2015-04-21 (in Swedish)

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For more information about INFRASweden2030, contact Nicole Kringos (Program Director) or Fredrick Lekarp (Operations Coordinator).